Education in English for students of Chemistry

The six-semester BSc program in Chemistry

Last update:  April 10, 2007

 Supervisor:  Prof. László Szepes 


The goal of the Chemistry BSc program is to educate chemists having theoretical and experimental knowledge in chemistry and  basic knowledge in related fields (e.g. mathematics, physics, computer science, scientific foreign languages).

 Having a BSc degree, the chemists

Students are to collect a total of 180 credits in course of their studies. (Government decree defines a credit as a total workload of students, consisting of 30 hours of study including contact hours as well as preparation of home works and studying for examinations etc. In the majority of cases, in our Faculty a credit equals the contact-hour-per-week (chpw) value.)

The curriculum of the Program consists of:

For a detailed description of the Program and the courses, see the study plan of the BSc program.


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Coordinator of  English language program in Chemistry:  Prof.  Zoltán Homonnay
Last update:  April 10, 2007