A novel fluorous chiral solvating agent

In the year 2015 Anikó Nemes et al. disclosed the synthesis and application of O-(nonafluoro-tert-butyl)mandelic acid [(R)-1] – containing nine equivalent fluorine atoms per molecule– for the chiral recognition of amines using 19F NMR spectroscopy in the Journal of Organic Chemistry.

Among the top reviewers of JCP

Gábor Czakó has been recognized by the Journal of Chemical Physics as one of the top 20 JCP reviewers in 2014.

János Sarka won an ACS Poster Award

János Sarka, a second-year PhD student of our Institute, and a member of the Laboratory of Molecular Structure and Dynamics and the ELTE-MTA Complex Chemical Systems Research Group, has won the award of the American Chemical Society and the Journal of Physical Chemistry for his poster presentation "Higher-lying vibrational states of the H(5-n)Dn+ (n = 0-5) molecular ions" at the conference "Anharmonicity in medium-sized molecules and clusters", AMOC2015, held in Madrid, Spain between April 26-30, 2015.

A new retention mechanism for an SN2 reaction

Gábor Czakó and his PhD student, István Szabó discovered a new double-inversion mechanism for the F- + CH3Cl SN2 reaction. The theoretical results were published in Nature Communications, one of the best multi-disciplinal scientific journals.

Molecules in Motion

The COST action MOLIM (Molecules in Motion), proposed by Attila G. Csaszar, a professor of our Institute and the head of the MTA-ELTE Research Group on Complex Chemical Systems, was approved for funding for the next four years. This is only the third approved COST action which was proposed by a Hungarian chemist and the first where the emphasis is tilted toward theoretical chemistry.

Highly Cited Papers

Recently Thomson Reuters started a new service identifying papers with an unusually high number of citations in the scientific literature (the top 1% of the papers published). In Essential Science Indicators they list "Highly Cited Papers", which are top cited papers over the past 10 years in each of 22 scientific fields.

JSPS Fellowship

Tamás Szidarovszky, a fellow researcher of the ELTE-MTA Research Group on Complex Chemical Systems has received the prestigious JSPS (Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science) Postdoctoral Fellowship for his application titled "Dynamics of H2 in a molecular complex in intense laser fields". The research project is hosted by Professor Kaoru Yamanouchi from The University of Tokyo.

Review on hydrogen-bonds

Gábor Czakó and his American co-workers published a review article on hydrogen-bond breaking and energy transfer in small water and HCl clusters in the August issue of the Accounts of Chemical Research (IF: 24.348).

Bolyai Fellowship 2014.

Gábor Czakó received the János Bolyai Research Fellowship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The Bolyai Fellowship supports researchers under age 45 to work on their own research programs and prepare their dissertations for the Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) degree of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

On the Cover of JPCA

Dr. Gábor Czakó's paper was featured on the front cover of the Journal of Physical Chemistry A. The cover art shows the schematic of the energies of the F, O, Cl, and Br + CH4 reactions from ab initio potential energy surfaces and highlights the excellent agreement between reaction dynamics computations and experimental results.

Publication success

The IUPAC Technical Report "A database of water transitions from experiment and theory", co-authored by Attila Csaszar, is the second


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