Laboratory for chiroptical structure analysis, Institute of Chemistry, Eötvös Loránd University

Historical background

Chiroptical spectroscopic studies [optical rotatory dispersion (ORD) and circular dichroism (CD)] were started in the Department of Organic Chemistry (DOC) of Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest, Hungary) under the leadership of the late Professor Márton Kajtár in the 1960th. He was the founder of the Chiroptical Spectroscopic Laboratory (CSL, today Laboratory for chiroptical structure analysis) of DOC. Since the death of Professor Kajtár 1991 the laboratory has been headed by Professor Miklós Hollósi. He worked first in the field of the synthesis and chiroptical spectroscopy of anthrax poly- and oligopeptides. Later he studied the conformation of enkephalins and endorphins by CD spectroscopy. After his postdoctoral periods in the laboratory of Professor Theodor Wieland in the Max-Planck Institut für Medizinische Forschung in Heidelberg (Germany) and in the laboratory of Gerald D. Fasman at Brandeis University (Boston, USA), Hollósi became interested in the synthesis and structural analysis of cyclic peptides and in the chiroptical spectroscopic characterization of the secondary structures of proteins with special emphasis on turn (folded) conformations. Zsuzsa Deckerné-Majer (today Associate Professor) joined CSL before 1991. She spent her postdoctoral period in the laboratory of Günther Snatzke at the University of Bochum. Her main fields of interest were the synthesis and chiroptical spectroscopy of thioamides and thiopeptides as well as spiro-bispirrolidones. Since the 1990th she has benn involved in the solid phase synthesis of peptides and mainly in the CD spectroscopic characterization of peptides and the cation complexes of peptides and proteins. Furthermore, she has worked in the field of chiroptical spectroscopic characterization of chiral transition metal (e.g. Rh) complexes. Elemér Vass (today Associate Professor) joined CSL after 1993. He operates a vibrational circular dichroism (VCD) spectrometer and performs theoretical calculation of VCD spectra. He is involved in structural studies on peptidomimetics.