Regulations of the Grand Prix Chimique

Aim of the competition

The Grand Prix Chimique (GPCh) is a chemistry competition organized for students of vocational secondary schools with chemical orientation and apprentices with the aim of promoting international contacts in chemistry. It is intended to stimulate the activi-ties of students interested in chemistry by a way of independent and creative solving of chemical laboratory problems. The GPCh competitions help to enhance friendly re-lations among young people from different countries; they encourage cooperation and International understanding.

Organization and Invitation

 (1) The Grand Prix Chimique is a competition organized every two years in one of the participating countries as a rule at the end of August or the beginning of September.

(2) The competition is organized by the Ministry of Education or another appropriate institution of the organizing country (hereafter referred to as the organizer) which can ensure the course of the competition on a desirable level. Some other institutions and companies can be involved as sponsors.

(3) The organizer of the current competition is obliged to send the preliminary information about the competition to all countries that took part in the previous
competitions. The information may be sent to other countries as well, but the decision to do so must be presented to and decided upon by the International Committee. The official invitation to participate in the forthcoming GPCh should be sent to countries by the November preceding the competition. The invited countries must confirm their participation in the GPCh according to require-ments of the organizer.

(4) Moreover, other countries may apply for the participation in GPCh but the organizer has the right not to accept their application.

(5) Any new country applying for participation must present to the International Committee a draft of their educational system and a detailed description of their vocational education of chemical orientation.


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