Regulations of the Grand Prix Chimique


 (1) Each participating country's delegation can consist of a maximum of three competitors and one mentor who becomes the head of the delegation. The final number of competitors is determined by the organizer. Moreover, a country that is invited to attend may send maximum two accompanying persons as observers.

(2) The competitors must conform to the following criteria

a. The competitors must be students who attend or have just finished any vocational school with a chemical orientation

b. must not have finished their first semester at a university or similar technical high school with a chemical orientation

c. must be younger than 23 years of age at the first day of the competition

d. must not be professionally employed with chemical tasks after fulfilled vocational training

e. must be passport holders of the country they represent or they must have taken part in the vocational school educational sy-stem of this country for more than one academic year

f. have to be identified on the basis of a national competition

(3) All members of a delegation must provide themselves with medical insurance for the journey to/from the organizing country and the stay in the country.

(4) The mentor:

a. is responsible for the fulfillment of those conditions given in sections 2 and 3 of this paragraph

b. must translate, if necessary, the text of competition tasks from
English into the mother tongue of his/her students or a language understandable to the students and be able to judge the set of tasks, evaluate and correct the work of the students

c. takes part in the work of the International Jury

d. has the right to enter a protest which should be addressed to the Chair of the International Jury

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