Low wattage total reflection X-ray fluorescence spectrometer and X-ray spectroscopy

Prof. Jun Kawai (Department of Materials Science and Engineering Kyoto University)
csü., 2010-11-25 15:30
063-as Bruckner-terem (Északi tömb)

Recent progress in my laboratory and related topics on X-ray spectroscopy will be presented.  Low wattage (1-5 W) X-ray tube TXRF spectrometer is more sensitive than stronger X-ray tube insruments.  By showing many examples, the usage of this kind of spectrometer is demonstrated.  Similar low power X-ray tube spectrometers with high senstivity will be also introduced; e.g. 20 micrometer resolution EXAFS spectrometer with 50 W X-ray tube made by Hayakawa at Hiroshima University, sub ppm Cd sensitive XRF spectrometer with 50 W tube made by Muraoka. Addtionally (1) change of Lα/Lβ intensity ratio due to the spectrometer resolution, (2) similarity between synchrotron radiation and blackbody radiation using Tsallis entropy, (3) palmtop EPMA recently developed, (4) pulse height analyzer using digital signal processor of a notebook computer, will be introduced.