Effective Hamiltonian models and global calculations involving nuclear motion on a potential surface for molecular vibration-rotation spectroscopy and dynamics

Vladimir Tyuterev
csü., 2009-11-05 15:15
063-as terem
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Molekulaspektroszkópiai Laboratórium

Vladmir Tyuterev was born on July 1st, 1950 in Petropavlovsk, USSR; in 1975 he obtained his PhD at the University of Tomsk, Russia. In 1981/82 he was post-doc at University de Pierre & Marie Curie, Paris VI, France. After receiving his DSc in 1984, he become the Director of the Laboratory of Theoretical Spectroscopy, Institute of Atmospheric Optics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Tomsk, Russia. In 1991/92 he has spent a year at the University of Giessen, Germany with an Alexandre von Humboldt fellowship. In 1986 and 1993 he was invited Professor at University of Dijon and at University of Reims, France, and became the Director of Research (DRA) at CNRS & University of Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris VI in 1993. In 1994 Dr. Tyuterev has been appointed as Professor of Physics at University of Reims. Since 2000 he is a “First-class Professor” and responsible for the research team „Molecular Theory and Numerical Modelisation” belonging to the “Groupe de Spectroscopie Moléculaire et Atmosphérique” (GSMA) laboratory of the National Centre of Scientific Research (CNRS) of France.

Prof. Tyuterev's main research field includes the theory and analyses of high-resolution spectra of diatomic and small polyatomic molecules (ozone, water, hydrogen sulphide, phosphine, ammonia, methane,…) and modeling of excited vibration-rotation states. In these works techniques of effective Hamiltonians, perturbation theory, contact transformations, accidental resonances, irreducible tensors are used. He is in particular interested in the spectroscopy of nonrigid molecules, non-adiabatic effects, intensity anomalies and variational calculations of ro-vibrational spectra. He is heavily involved in construction of spectroscopic data banks such as TDS (Databank on Spectroscopy of Spherical Top Molecules) and S&MPO (Spectroscopy and Molecular Properties of Ozone). He is also well know about his work on atmospheric applications of molecular spectroscopy.

Among other awards, in 1989 he obtained the Science and Technology Institute Award (USA) and become a Alexander of Humboldt Fellow in 1991.

Professor Tyuterev has more than 150 publications in international journals and established a school for Ph.D students and young researchers: directed eleven Ph.D theses, supervisor of three CNRS post-doc projects. Among his former students three have become full professors and one is the director of an academic research laboratory.
He is the member of Editorial Board of “Spectrochimica Acta” and “Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy”.