compulsory course - a course in the basic training dealing with basic aspects of chemistry or some other subjects, which is compulsory for each chemistry student.

credit - official unit of students' load. Government decree defines a credit as a total workload of students, consisting of 30 hours of study including contact hours as well as preparation of home works and studying for examinations etc. In the majority of cases, in our Faculty a credit equals the contact-hour-per-week (chpw) value.

elective lecture - an optional lecture course dealing with special skills and knowledge of chemistry and related sciences.

exam - the evaluation of the students' knowledge based on his/her performance at the end of the semester.

grading - in Eötvös Loránd University five-step grading is used (1: unacceptable, 2: poor, 3: medium, 4: good, 5: very good and excellent)

laboratory practice - laboratory practices in the basic training, dealing with the basic manipulations and skills of the different aspects of chemistry, which are compulsory for each chemistry student.

loose prerequisite - a condition for completing a given course

marking - the evaluation of the students overall performance during the semester.

practical placement - a 5 week long practical training following the 8th semester organised by the department which accepted the student's registration for the thesis project.

semi-optional lecture - a lecture course (can be chosen from a limited range), dealing with the details of the basic aspects of chemistry or introducing into specific aspects of chemistry.

semi-optional laboratory practice - selection of laboratory practices in the 7th semester aiming the broadening of skills and knowledge in the basic aspects of practical chemistry.

special laboratory assignment - one of the optional selection of laboratory practices aiming the attainment of special skills and knowledge, organised by the Departments in the 8th semester.

special lecture - see elective lecture

specialisation module - a set of courses and laboratory assignments organised by the departments aiming the attainment of detailed knowledge in a specific field of chemistry.

strict prerequisite - a condition for taking up a given course

thesis project - individual research (in the 6th semester in the BSc program and in the 3rd and 4th semester in the MSc program) and writing up the results of the research in the form of a thesis.

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