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Last update: April 10, 2007

  Requirements for the application material
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   Applications are expected to arrive to Professor Zoltán Homonnay by August 17, 2007 if the applicant has an E-mail address or by July 13, 2007 if only postal contact is available. However, a much earlier deadline must be met if visa requirements make it necessary (see visa requirements for details).

Applicants are supposed

  1. to have completed their secondary school education, i.e., to possess the equivalent of a General Certificate of Education (UK) or a high school diploma (US)
  2. to have at least three completed years of the usual four years of secondary school education (aged 17, in countries where the last year of secondary education is a pre-university program)
  3. to have a BSc diploma
  4. to have an MSc diploma

The first group of students can apply for acceptance at the four-semester BSc program, whereas the second group of students will only be accepted for the two-semester pre-university program. Students in group 3 and 4 can apply for starting their MSc and PhD studies, respectively.

The prerequisite of acceptance is a good command of English, and preference for the subjects of Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics which are the subjects of the pre-university program in this order of significance. Those who fulfill the formal requirements and have sent a properly prepared application material are guaranteed to be accepted to the pre-university program as a minimum. To start the BSc, MSc and PhD program, an entrance examination must be successfully passed (see entrance examination for details).

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Requirements for the application material

The applications must include the following documents:

Documents of previous education:
   for the pre-university program: an officially attested record of studies from the three or four year’s of secondary school studies including the following subjects of science: chemistry, physics and mathematics (written in English) and the secondary school certificate if the studies are already completed at the time of submission.
   for the
six-semester BSc program: secondary school certificate; plus an officially attested record of studies from the secondary school including the following subjects of science: chemistry, physics and mathematics (written in English); applicants with better than average marks in science are usually considered as serious candidates;
for the four-semester MSc program: BSc diploma; plus the officially attested record of studies (written in English);
   for the PhD program: MSc diploma plus the officially attested record of studies (written in English);

If available, documents on competency in English;

Curriculum Vitae (1-2 pages) in English with original (not copied) signature;

Medical certificate (not older than three months) stating that the applicant is in good health without any infectious diseases;

Completed application form (application form is downloadable in rich text format).

Four photographs with original signature on the back side;

The applications should be sent to the Coordinator of English language programs in Chemistry:

   Professor Zoltán Homonnay
Eötvös Loránd University,
Institute of Chemistry
Budapest 112, Pf. 32, H-1518, Hungary

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Visa requirements and earlier deadline

   To pursue studies in Hungary, a D6 visa is needed for foreign students. To get this visa, a letter of acceptance must be submitted (together with the other necessary documents) by the would-be student to the Hungarian Embassy in his/her home country. The time needed to get the visa can be as long as 1.5-2 months in certain countries and cases. Taking this maximum length of time as an example, the following time table must be followed for the applications. ELTE (i.e., Eötvös Loránd University) must get the application material by the 20th of May. In May, however, secondary school studies are usually still in progress. Therefore the application material should contain a record of studies from the previous semesters of secondary education, and a statement that the successful completion of secondary school education is to be expected in the present semester. When the secondary school studies are indeed finished in June or July, the documents on completion must be sent to ELTE without delay.
If the properly prepared application material arrives to ELTE, a letter of acceptance is sent to the applicant immediately, who can submit the application for the D6 visa in time.
   If the length of time to get the visa is shorter, the deadline for submission of the application material can be accordingly later. Applicants can get the necessary information concerning this point at the Hungarian Embassy of their country.

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Entrance examination

   The entrance examination will be organized between August 27 – 31, 2007, applicants will be informed about the place and time of the exam. The entrance examination is an interview of 30-45 minutes in English. The aim of the interview is to get a picture of the applicant’s knowledge in subjects of science, especially chemistry, level of command of English language, personal qualities, ambitions and special fields of interest. The interview in carried out by an examination committee consisting of professors of the Institute of Chemistry of Eötvös Loránd University, future teachers of the applicant.

   The examination committee evaluates the results of the interview and makes the recommendation for acceptance to the Dean of the Faculty.

The levels of acceptance are as follows:

The  applicant is informed about the opinion of the examination committee by the end of the working day of the interview. The official decision on acceptance is made by the Dean within a few days on the basis of the recommendation by the interviewing committee. Each accepted student gets an official document of acceptance from the Dean`s office this time denoting the level of acceptance as well.

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Application, registration, and tuition fees

   Accepted students are to be registered by the end of the second week of September. The prerequisite of registration is the payment of the tuition fee for one semester, plus payment of the registration fee.

   Application fee (covers the administration costs of the application procedure, not refundable): 140 EUR

   The registration fee is 40 EUR per semester (not refundable).

   Tuition fee covers all costs of education. Our tuition fees are the following:

The two-semester pre-university program: 2400 EUR (1200 EUR per semester)
The one-semester intensive pre-university program: 1900 EUR
Six-semester BSc program: 2400 EUR per semester
Four-semester MSc program with BSc diploma: 2400-3000 EUR per semester depending on the chosen direction.
PhD program: 2400-3600 EUR per semester depending on the chosen direction.

   Refunding of tuition fee is possible if the studies have to be interrupted due to health problems or other serious reasons. No refunding is offered if the semester cannot be completed due to the student`s own fault, e.g. failure to meet the requirements of the curriculum due to neglecting studies. Refunding is possible on a pro ratio basis. If the student had been communicated to ELTE by a recruiting agency, the commission fee of the agency is deduced from the refundable sum. The date of handing over an application (in writing) for the cessation of the studies serves as the beginning of the refunding period that lasts till the end of the learning period of the semester. The examination period is not included in the refund.

   Students must have a passport valid for at least a year from the beginning of the academic year, and visa if required for the citizens of the student`s country (see visa requirements).

Living expenses and health insurance

   Living costs in Budapest are covered by approximately 500 EUR/month for a student. This includes lodging, food and all other expenses of normal life.
   Health insurance is obligatory; for students it is 16 000 Hungarian Forints (HUF) per month.

Technical details of payment

   Payments can be accomplished by the following ways:
   by cash in HUF at the pay office of the University
   by cash in HUF at post offices with the help of a cheque obtainable from the Dean`s office
   by bank transfer to:
                                   MNB 1054 Budapest, Szabadsag ter 8-9.,
                                   ELTE 10032000-01426201-00000000
                                   Swift code: MANE HU HB

   certified bank cheque validated to be accessible by Eötvös Loránd University with:
                                   ELTE 10032000-01426201-00000000     written on it

   By bank transfer or certified bank cheque it is possible to pay either in EUR or in other convertible currency including HUF. The quickest fulfillement of paying (especially that of smaller sums) is to pay in HUF at the pay office of the University or in post offices using the check obtainable from the Dean`s office as indicated above.

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For further information and help write to the following address

(where you can also get further information and help):

Professor Zoltán Homonnay
Supervisor of  English language programs in Chemistry
Eötvös Loránd University, Institute of Chemistry
Budapest 112, Pf. 32, H-1518, Hungary
Telephone: 36-1-2090555 /ext. 1564     Fax: 36-1-3722592

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