Molecules in Motion

The COST action MOLIM (Molecules in Motion), proposed by Attila G. Csaszar, a professor of our Institute and the head of the MTA-ELTE Research Group on Complex Chemical Systems, was approved for funding for the next four years. This is only the third approved COST action which was proposed by a Hungarian chemist and the first where the emphasis is tilted toward theoretical chemistry.

MOLIM, a multifaceted, multilinked, highly interdisciplinary COST Action will provide leadership for the development of computational tools for molecular sciences including determination of properties of complex non- and quasi-periodic systems, for the coupling of electronic and nuclear motions, and for the application of the new tools to experimental problems of an outstanding nature. MOLIM will also become the ground for the emergence of the next generation of chemists who will be users of the next generation of chemistry tools. The Action will start in March 2015 and will involve about 100 researchers from about 25 countries from the EU and the neighboring countries.