János Sarka won an ACS Poster Award

János Sarka, a second-year PhD student of our Institute, and a member of the Laboratory of Molecular Structure and Dynamics and the ELTE-MTA Complex Chemical Systems Research Group, has won the award of the American Chemical Society and the Journal of Physical Chemistry for his poster presentation "Higher-lying vibrational states of the H(5-n)Dn+ (n = 0-5) molecular ions" at the conference "Anharmonicity in medium-sized molecules and clusters", AMOC2015, held in Madrid, Spain between April 26-30, 2015.

Co-authors of the poster were Dr. Csaba Fábri (ETH Zürich, a former PhD student of the Institute) and Prof. Attila G. Császár, the leader of the two research laboratories. Congratulations to János for his outstanding achievement.