Programs organized for international students in English at the Institute of Chemistry :


Mobility programs

Local coordinators:
Dr. Andrea Bodor ( and Dr. István Gy. Zsély (
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Courses offered in English for mobility programs (including Erasmus and Science without borders)
Students taking part in mobility programs may choose from the list containing our courses offered in English. The courses have different prerequisities. They cannot be checked with certainty during the remote application and some of the courses start only if the number of the students reaches a limit. Therefore, it is possible that the coordinators redirect the students to other basic or advanced courses after arriving to the institute. Another possibility is to take the courses in a tutorial way.

Please contact the Erasmus coordinators.

BSc in Chemistry, six-semester program

Students with completed secondary school education—having received the equivalent of General Certificate of Education (UK) or high school diploma (US), including the pre-university program in countries where that exists—can apply for this program. Our curriculum for the BSc degree ensures a firm and broad basic education in chemistry and science. Those completing this degree course will be able to enter the four-semester MSc program if they wish.

Local coordinator - BSc in Chemistry in English and service education for other ELTE BSc programs:
Dr. Viktor Mihucz (
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MSc in Chemistry, four-semester program

Students with BSc degree follow the specialized section of the curriculum choosing one of the directions (sub directions) of specialization. Their curriculum is organized individually. For students with BSc degree the minimum official duration of the MSc program is four semesters.

Local coordinator:
Dr. Ágnes Szabados (
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PhD in Chemistry, eight-semester program

The Chemistry PhD school includes three programs. The duration of studies is 4 years. During this period organized programs are given and the term ends with a final examination and submission and defense of the thesis work.

Local coordinator:
Dr. István Szalai (
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Institute of Chemistry takes part in the chemical education of pharmaceutical students of the Semmelweis University.

Local coordinator:
Dr. Krisztina Csörgei-Kurin (
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The coordination among the different fields of institutional education in English is maintained by Dr. Viktor Mihucz.