How to import/export data

1. Importing a CD spectrum

The CCA+ program can directly read the data files specified in the "Supported file formats" section. That means that several proprietary file formats of CD instrument manufacturers can be read without conversion. If your instrument is not supported, you can still import data using CSV (comma separated value) file format. In this case the spectrum data has to have a two column format, the values being separated with a semicolon:


This file format can be reached using a spreadsheet program:

Save the spectrum file in CSV format into the spectrum directory:

2. Importing a data matrix

You can also create a data matrix by conversion to CSV format, using a spreadsheet program:

Save the data file in CSV format into the data directory:

Now you can open it as a usual .DAT file:

Please note that the first row of the spreadsheet is used as data label. The according .CSV file looks like this:

;0 IPP;0.5 IPP;1 IPP;2 IPP;4 IPP;6 IPP

3. Exporting data from the result window

Double clicking on a spectrum or output data item on the lower part of the main window opens a text window containing the corresponding data. With the "Copy" button you can export the data to a spreadsheet or text editor program.

Press it, then switch to the spreadsheet program and paste the copied data:

It works on spectrums and component curves as well:

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