Zoltán Homonnay

Head of Laboratory, Head of the Research Group



  • Address:

    H-1518 Budapest 112, Pf.32, Hungary
    phone: +36 1 372 2500 / 1564
    fax: (+36 1) 372 2592

I believe that it is extremely important to teach nuclear science to the experts as well as to the general public. Throughout history Mankind has made continual progress. Many of the great leaps forward have been associated with highly talented and productive individuals, such as Nobel laureates, especially in the past century. Several Nobel prizes have been awarded to experts in the nuclear sciences. I believe these few individuals, rather than those many uninformed people voting on issues of nuclear technology, should be in the majority. Nuclear science has brought prosperity to Mankind. This is part of our Past and part of our Future.
There is no going back.


  • Degrees and Titles:

    • MSc, ELTE, 1984.
    • CSc, HAS, 1989.
    • PhD, ELTE, 1991.
    • Doctor of HAS, 2000.
    • Doctor Habil., ELTE, 2001.

  • Abroad:

    • postdoc/instructor, Drexel University, Philadelphia, US, 1989-1990
    • Humboldt Fellow, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany, 1993

  • Research interests:

    Mössbauer spectroscopy of:
    • aluminium alloys
    • Perovskites and related oxides (superconductors, CMR-materials)
    • Minerals
    • Fe- and Co-complexes in various systems
  • Teaching experience:

    • Nuclear chemistry (ELTE)
    • General chemistry and physical chemistry (Drexel)
    • Nuclear environmental science (ELTE)

  • Responsibilities:

    • Head of Laboratory
    • Head of Research Group
    • Lecturer in Nuclear Chemistry, and in Nuclear Environmental Protection
    • Involved in Nuclear Chemistry Labs of basic and advanced levels
    • Researcher in various applications of Mössbauer Spectroscopy (specialized in emission MS)


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